Saturday, January 4, 2014

BFF Spotlight: Iliana

Me: Hello! I am an anonymous correspondent from The Daily Rasin. I have heard rumors that you both are now BFF's. Is that correct? If so, how did you meet?
Iliana: I'm Confused.
Rasin: Same.
Me: I have heard rumors that you, Iliana, are BFFs with Rasin. Is that true? How did you meet him?
Rasin: I'm out.
Rasin: I'm not her BFF.
Me: OK, so, Iliana, what are your favorite qualities of said BFF? 
Iliana: His Hair. He's funny.

Rasin, pre-Iliana.
A common interest of the pair: edibles.
Rasin thinks.

birthday video!

rasin's dear friend and crush Elli composed this brilliance. thank you for your time and effort, world!

2013 rasin highlights

going fishing.
best friends.
holding nose.
"mr. baker is my favorite teacher! !! he is inspirational and gave me so many pro tips for math and hockey and life. I hope mr.baker and his fiance are so happy!!!"
math class.
modeling gig.
turning in final exam.
self portrait puppet.
getting dressed up with bffs.
rasin's dating advertisment 
rasin, friends, and our lord and savior jesus christ.
grammar homework.
anatomy homework.

happy 2014.